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Chez Nicholas – Fusion Haute Cuisine

How we gave Chez Nicholas a brand identity and a professional presence on social media.


Michelin-star Chef Nicholas recently opened his French-Asian fusion haute cuisine restaurant in Krakow. The restaurant boasts high-quality dishes, premium French wines, and warm, professional service. The problem was, Chef Nicholas being Chinese-born and French-raised, was having trouble positioning his brand in the Polish market.


— Branding Strategy & Definition

— Branding Guidelines

— Photography


Chef Nicholas needed to position himself in the Polish market, define his brand image, and launch an active and useful social media with ad campaigns to make Chez Nicholas known and attract customers. 


Chez Nicholas needed to fight for his place in a highly competitive restaurant market by redefining his restaurant’s brand image and online presence. 


We did a professional photoshoot of various dishes and the restaurant’s interior, as well as some videography of Chef Nicholas explaining who he is, where he’s come from, and what his restaurant is all about. He also needed a consultation on how to market his business best for Krakow in the Polish market, and how to communicate the quality of his dishes, as well as a tutorial on how to operate his social media best.

We perfectly positioned Chez Nicholas in the Krakow market. After a successful photoshoot, we delivered several hundred high-quality photos for marketing. We onboarded some high-profile influencers in Krakow to promote the restaurant. We had an amazing reaction to the social media campaign. Engagement rose by >150%. Following rose by over 1000 in the first month. Bookings at the restaurant increased by 15-20 per month.

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