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Distefano Chiropractic – Chiropractics in Italy

How we helped an enterprising doctor communicate the benefits of chiropractics to Italians.


After graduating as a Doctor of Chiropractics in England, Federico Distefano returned to his native Italy to begin his own practice – Distefano Chiropractic. His mission being to take his skills back to his home country, to educate his target audience on the benefits of chiropractics, and to help people in need. Unfortunately he had a bad experience with a local marketing agency which he’d commissioned to help him with that task of kick-starting his dream. The marketing agency had no clear marketing strategy and poorly represented the business identity. Coming from this unsuccessful experience, and now extremely cautious of agencies, he approached SHM for help.


— Identity Design

— Branding Strategy & Definition

— Instagram Content Creation & Management

— Engagement & Community Management

— Social Media & Google Ads

— Website Optimization



Dr. Distefano needed to launch and affirm his brand in Italy, considering 2 main objectives – the greatest exposure for educating the public of the benefits of chiropractics, and to attract patients.


SHM was tasked with re-launching this brand to give chiropractics a fresh face in Italy, and to find the best possible way to educate the public on the benefits of chiropractics. We also needed to attract patients to the practice.


We sat with Frederico and developed an entire marketing strategy for Distefano Chiropractic that he was 100% happy with and confident in. We developed a brand identity and created a professional logo. We revamped his social media, successfully partnering with Italian influencers like Roberta Giarrusso and Stella Manente, and also created social media ad campaigns with the objective of lead generation. And most importantly, we redesigned his website’s landing page, improving the userability. Additionally, we also launched GoogleAds campaigns to attract new customers.

We created a highly successful marketing funnel, which converted. Distefano is now not only Rome’s most popular chiropractic clinic, but also Italy’s most well-known. The clinic has 50-60 new patients per month thanks to increased and targeted engagement, and has a 5 star rating on Google. But most importantly for them, people are now better informed about chiropractics, and the difference it can make to people’s health.

Chez Nicholas