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Elixir Vitae – Renew your life

How we helped L’ Impronta’s launch their unique product with an ancient and intriguing history.


L’Impronta, the brainchild behind Elixir Vitae, stumbled upon a very old recipe for a herbal elixir for life. The story that precedes this elixir is one of a kind. A doctor discovered an old letter containing a recipe for a health elixir, which he proceeded to take to a botanist to produce. This ancient elixir is meant for general health and wellbeing, aiding afflictions such as anxiety, aches and pains, and digestion amongst others.


— Identity Design

— Branding Strategy & Definition

— Industry & Customer Research

— E-commerce Development

— Marketing & Sales Funnel Definition

— Google ADS Campaigns



L’Impronta required a partner to help them develop their brand identity, their ecommerce website, physical product packaging, and promotional material.


L’Impronta’s new product, Elixir Vitae was ready for market. The company needed a new brand identity under Elixir Vitae’s name, as it was a totally different product to their normal lines. They also needed the product to be available for purchase through their L’Impronta website, connecting the two brands. The main sales were to be made through offline channels, which required branding materials to be created. 


We onboarded influencers to help promote the elixir, and launched the product at various events and trade fairs in which we developed a very effective offline sales channel. We also set up a fully-functional ecommerce site. We re-developed the web application from scratch, both frontend and backend, created an admin dashboard to monitor and control the platform, created purchase visibility and a payment gateway through PayPal, and launched a Google Ads campaign.

L’ Impronta sold more than 1500 products only after the first year having each customer buying more than one product for themselves and for their families. The ecommerce was a complete success and now orders are completely automated.

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