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Flex Arena – Revolutionary Stadiums

How SHM became the trusted partner for the launch and expansion of this innovative brand.


Flex Arena is the new age of stadium design for sports and entertainment. They are revolutionising the idea of the traditional stadium, and replacing it with stadiums that are flexible, sustainable, adaptable, and customisable. Flex Arena stadiums are based on Roman designs for the Colosseum, and can be fully constructed in less than a week.


— Branding Strategy & Definition

— Presentations Design & Branding Guidelines

— Industry & Customer Research

— Website Development


Flex Arena needed a trusted partner for their marketing efforts and to build their online presence. They required market research, data analysis and reporting, and to identify the most important information for investors. 


Our success in this case would directly related to Flex Arena’s chances of attracting investment. High stakes, where failure was not an option. A flawless website was required, as well as serious market research to create presentations and marketing materials to showcase to high-level investors.  


We conducted market research, and defined Flex Arena’s brand identity. We developed presentations for potential investors and new clients. We also built an innovative, modern and informative online presence for their website for B2B purposes.

Within the first 6 months of launching the brand, Flex Arena now has 5 large investors on board, including a high-profile Italian football team. Their website is also up and running, professionally showcasing their concept, and our work with them is ongoing. Flex Arena is now gearing up for European expansion in 2021.