We are Tree Nation partners.

We are a brand with purpose, that wants to grow sustainably and counter our CO2 emissions as much as possible. With this in mind, we’re joining the ranks of Google, Accenture, The Economist, and Unilever, in planting trees in a developing country through our partner Tree Nation, with every new project we start.

Why we plant trees.

Trees are vital to our existence on this planet that we call home.
As the largest providers of oxygen and contributors to counteracting the effects of our global carbon emissions, trees also play a vital role in stabilising the soil and sustaining both human and wildlife.
That’s exactly why we at SHM see this as one of the ways in which we not only counter our carbon emissions, but can contribute towards a sustainable future for all.

Hectares of forest lost every year.


of primary forests have been degraded in recent years.


of greenhouse gases are generated by deforestation

Growing together.

We will plant a tree with every new project we start. Do you want to join us?