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Spaesati – Showcasing Tuscany

How we helped Spaesati put Tuscany on the map.


Spaesati’s mission is to bring Tuscany to life and position the region as a prime travel destination not just for Italians, but for the rest of the world too. They’re 100% committed to the Tuscan region which they have a passion and love for, and want to share this with as many people as they can. Spaesati wanted to create a social community online where he could show the world the extent of Tuscany’s beauty, tradition, culture and history.


Digital Strategy Definition

— Instagram Profile Optimisation

— Instagram Content Creation & Management


Spaesati needed to create an online community that they could engage with to promote tourism in Tuscany, and create enough exposure to onboard local Tuscan town halls to their initative.


The owner of Spaesati, had his brand vision, and a team, but needed extra help to create an online community and define their marketing strategy to maximise exposure for his campaign. 


We partnered with freelance photographers from the region, and showcased their work on Spaesati’s instagram account. We continued this form of user-generated content to gain the greatest exposure for Spaesati. We shared translated common expressions of local dialect, and also encouraged followers to share their favourite experiences and photos of the region to be featured. We also partnered with Italian influencers and sports personalities and famous actors to promote the region and film short clips, with great success.

Spaesati went from 0 to 5k following in the space of 4 months. User engagement went through the roof. They now have a large portfolio of photographers that they’re collaborating with and generating content for their page. In addition, local town halls are now also onboard with promoting tourism in the region, and have partnered up with Spaesati’s campaign.

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