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We are the innovative alternative to
the traditional Digital Marketing Agency.

We know that we, and our clients, play a critical role in shaping our online future. That’s why we at SHM are committed to change, and welcome a new horizon of social marketing and communication that converts to real,measurable results for our clients. A horizon that is paved with tolerance, inclusivity, and above all, responsibility.

Our Team

 We got together with a deep desire to change how things are done and to create a different approach. We’re spearheading a new horizon of digital marketing. We are a global hub of specialists with purpose, collaborating with projects and clients with purpose.

Davide Bergamini


Michael Giannotti

Business Development – Italy

Victoria Martin

Digital Marketing Consultant

Karolina Zbos

Project Manager – Poland

Maja Kaczor

Digital Marketing Specialist – Poland

Marco Augugliaro

Project Manager – Italy

Luca Reverberi

Content Specialist – Italy

Hasnain Rafiq

Head of Digital




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We Work

— We deal with clients & projects with purpose.

— We deliver on time, to budget, & to client expectations.

— We pride ourselves in an open & transparent line of communication.

— We provide support throughout our projects, never leaving a client alone.

We Listen.

We listen to you, and identify what your
needs are.

We Create.

We create and deliver a complete game-plan for you.

We Convert.

We convert our strategies to action, deliver
to the highest standards, and provide
continuous support.


It’s no surprise then that our logo is a split notification dot. It forms an “S” that is turned on it’s side symbolic of what we’re doing to the industry. We’ve become increasingly aware of the detrimental effects of the darker side of the digital world. We want to turn the industry on its side, and change the way things are done.